Paying more for being a woman.

I have very short hair, shaved around the sides and back with clippers, then cut with scissors on top. So this would stereotypically be classed as a ‘man’s’ haircut that could be done at a barbers, where I would most likely be charged the same as a man and maybe even offered a beard trim! If I wanted to go to a hairdressers I would pay at least double and likely triple than what I would at a barbers. It would also be classified as a ‘woman’s’ haircut and be charged as such, even though it is exactly the same as what a man would have. I am being charged more due to the fact that I am a woman. I’m not a hairdresser but I don’t think my hair is that much different to a man’s and somehow harder to cut. Yet this is not reflected in the price. This is why I don’t go to hairdressers. I don’t go to barbers as they only advertise for men. I would awkward going in and asking if they could look past the fact that I have tits and a fanny and cut my hair. Luckily, I have found somewhere that advertises as an allsex hairdressers and this is reflected in their pricing structure. They don’t have separate men and women’s prices, instead it is done on the length of your hair. So it doesn’t matter about your gender, it is based on how much work and how long it will take them, which makes much more sense to me. They also have a very relaxed approach and atmosphere, none of that pretentious shit (which is rife in Brighton) and this makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable. There’s nothing fancy there, no head massages and all that rubbish. You just go in, get a fabulous haircut, have a laugh (and can even take pints in from the pub across the road, which is always a bonus) and come out much more relaxed.

All hairdressers should be like this, the pricing structure should be based on what you want done and not on your genitals. They charge more for women because they know women will pay for it and in the past men did not want all that fancy treatment, but this is changing. The male grooming market is growing at a rapid rate and they are willing to spend the money now.

So should we also increase the price for men’s haircuts to come in line with women’s?


We should be charged for the service/treatments that we want. If you go for a massage there are not separate prices for men and women, because that would be seen as sexist, but this is just the same. This is an institution that is primarily aimed at women but is inherently sexist towards them.

It needs to change.


Oh and the hairdressers I use is The Bomb. If you are ever in Brighton and need a haircut definitely go to them!